HER Campaign’s

Safe House

The Safe House is a 3-5 Day Shelter for Crisis Intervention providing safe shelter, basic needs, and resource assessment.

“At HER Campaign, I always had a feeling of peace, love, and safety that wrapped around me the moment I walked into the home.”

– HER Campaign Resident

Safe House Experience

We acknowledge the first step to stabilization is safe shelter and basic needs. When you step into the Safe House, you have access to a bed, shower, clothing, food, toiletry grab bags, and compassionate care.

The 3-5 Day Safe House is a quiet place to seek safety and rest while you make an informed decision for your next steps. Loving shelter staff are there to provide care and support while you assess a list of community and nationwide resources that present options to best serve you at this stage in your journey.

If you decide you are ready to step into a recovery program for survivors of human trafficking, the HER Campaign Case Manager comes to the Safe House to explain our 30-90 Emergency Shelter Program. If you feel that is the best fit for you, intake is done and you are transported to the shelter. If HER Campaign is not the best fit, we desire to help resource you elsewhere that can fit your unique and individual needs.

Safe House Qualifications

  • Women 18 years of age or older
  • Has been identified as, or suspected of being a victim of human trafficking or exploitation
  • Is in a vulnerable situation where safety is compromised
  • Completes a drug and alcohol screening (detox facility and/or emergency department will be called and client transported in the event of needed medical detox intervention.) 
  • Commits to not using drugs or alcohol during duration of stay
  • Completes all required HER Campaign intake documents
  • Will sign HER Campaign handbook and adhere to posted policies