HER Campaign’s

Emergency Shelter

Providing beds, therapy and more to survivors.

What is an Emergency Shelter?

There is a gap in survivor care between rescue and long-term residential care. An Emergency Shelter is designed to assess and address the most common variables that cause victims to relapse and achieve stabilization through holistic therapy addressing mind, body, and spirit.

When a survivor is recovered out of trafficking, either by her own will or the help of law enforcement, a crisis hotline, or other frontline worker – the journey has just begun. There are currently not enough beds to meet the demands of women courageously stepping out of human trafficking.

Our Emergency Shelter provides beds for up to 8 survivors of sex trafficking per 30 to 90 days and up to 50+ women a year. The Emergency Shelter serves women 18+ including trafficking survivors who are pregnant, have disabilities, and/or handicaps. The shelter provides each survivor with next step therapy, mental health and wellness assessments, legal advocacy and mapping, case management, and long-term residential placement.