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HER Campaign’s mission is to help HER heal, grow, and find purpose. We do this through providing residential programs for survivors of human trafficking.

Together, we are creating a world where FREEDOM gets the final say. 

“In a dark and hurting world, we have the opportunity as women to be carriers of light and support for our sisters. By walking the path of healing for ourselves, recognizing our worth and true identity, we get to live in a place of overflow where there is an expression of love unconditional, joy abounding and peace that passes all understanding. That is the heart behind the HER Campaign.”

— Britney Higgs, President & Founder

There is always hope

Her campaign Logo

a symbol of refuge

The HER Campaign logo represents the leaf of a sycamore tree found in the ancient Middle East. The sycamore tree was considered sacred and was used for many things including a place of refuge. The highways were lined with these huge trees, providing a shelter and shade for weary travelers. In times of emergency, people would take refuge in the trunks of the mighty sycamore trees. They were a symbol of refuge and protection in ancient Israel and were admired with great care.

There are seven lines in the leaf that represent the number of completion. The HER Campaign serves to break the bonds of slavery and provide healing and restoration for women that have suffered trauma. We base our healing around the belief that God is our ultimate refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble.

The small section on the left (filled in with gold) represents the percentage of survivors that have recovered after a life of sexual exploitation and trafficking. The rest of the leaf is transparent to remind us to keep fighting for the vast majority that is still enslaved in our world today.

board of directors

President: Britney Higgs

Founder, HER Campaign

Vice President: Sammy Higgs

Co-Founder, HER Campaign

Chairman & Treasurer: Kevin Haidle

President of Agri-Best Feeds

Secretary: Ryan Gustafson

Attorney & Shareholder, MKH Attorneys

Member: Patti Barkell

MS, LCPC, Parkhill Counseling

Member: Maggie Schieno

Ministry Leader, Beauty Arising

Member: George Burgin

Regional Market Leader, Pacific West Financial Group


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