HER Campaign’s

Family Alliance

Training families for long-term residential care for survivors. 

Family Alliance


To provide long term residential care for survivors by integrating into host families.


To partner with communities nationwide to provide more beds for survivors in the greatest demographic of need, completing an ecosystem of care by training and mentoring families to take in survivors during the healing journey. 

God is a father to the fatherless, he
 places the lonely in families, and
 sets the captives free…

psalm 68:5-6

Shelter Programs

The greatest demographic in need of shelter programs are women with children. Through the HER Refuge Family Alliance, we seek to provide more residential care options for survivors including those who are pregnant and/or with children.

In the United States, there are currently 210 active shelter programs. Out of those shelters, 65 serve minors, 40 serve women with children. 

The Samaritan Women (2021). National Shelter Landscape Map. www.samaritanwomen.org

2021 Family alliance mentorship program

The Family Alliance is a network of host families that commit to a year-long mentorship program to provide residential care for survivors of exploitation through their own homes while partnering with HER Campaign for wrap around resources and services.

Apply for our Family Alliance Mentorship Program:

Launching June 2021

Year-Long Online Mentorship 

What is the Family Alliance?

HER Campaign’s Family Alliance is a network of families mentored and trained by HER Campaign to integrate survivors into their families to provide long term residential care throughout the journey of healing.

HER Refuge Graduate Story


I had never seen a room so beautiful and I couldn’t believe it was for me. It had a real bed, a dresser, and everything. I had been so used to other shelters where you sleep on a cot in a room with many people. When I got in the bed, I stayed there for 3 straight days, I didn’t realize how tired I was. After the 3rd day, I got up and we sat down and had breakfast as a family, something I had never been used to. I thank God every day for where He placed me.

(not actual picture of survivor)

I  thank God every day for where He placed me.

What is the Survivor Ecosystem of Care?

A diverse network of interacting resources, people, agencies, and programs required to provide necessary care for survivors of exploitation with the ultimate goal of economic independence and reintegration back into society.

We are passionate about partnering with organizations nationwide to provide more beds and complete this ecosystem of care through integrating survivors into family systems.

2021 Ecosystem of Survivor Care CONFERENCE

Watch the 2021 EOSC Conference with HER Campaign founders, survivor leaders, and leading voices in the anti-human trafficking movement across the nation that took place during this three-day Awareness and Direct Care Training. 

January 28-30th

Connect Church, Bozeman, MT


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