Our mission:

Helping HER  heal, grow & find purpose.

We envision a world where families everywhere are trained and equipped to

be a safe place for survivors.


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Safe House

3-5 Day Shelter for Crisis Intervention providing safe shelter, basic needs, and resource assessment.

30 Day Emergency Shelter

The Emergency Shelter will provide women 18+ with next step therapy, mental health and wellness assessments, case management, and long-term residential placement.

HER Refuge Family Alliance

A network of families mentored and trained by HER Campaign to integrate survivors into their families to provide long term residential care throughout the journey of healing.


Transitional Living Home for continued safe place to have emotional, spiritual, and economic independence, and the development of healthy families and community.

“Sometimes I’d get so lost in my own head, I’d get trapped in my own mind but they’d always bring me back to reality and the reality is they’re here for the long haul. That scares me but it also amazes me. God keeps telling me to trust them. They are leading me to his plan. The journey has not been easy but it’s not anything we can’t tackle when we put God first.”

HER Refuge Resident & Human Trafficking Survivor

In her words…

Spread Hope + Provide Residential Care for Survivors

Merch with a Message

An online marketplace of inspirational products that spread the message of hope and healing while also providing funding for residential shelter programs. 

HER Campaign



Four steps in the survivor continuum of care HER Campaign provides include a safe house, emergency shelter, long term residential programs, and transitional housing.

Thank you to our strategic & corporate partners

Provide Residential Care for Survivors

Rescue America’s 24/7 Hotline:

We will facilitate your safe and secure exit from the life, as well as next steps to begin your new life journey. All calls are 100% confidential. Even if you are considering leaving the life.

Call Us.

Family alliance Mentorship program

For more information on our Family Alliance Mentorship Program, contact us!

Britney & Sammy Higgs

Our Story

“We founded the HER Campaign following a vision of starting a safe home for domestic survivors of sex trafficking,” begins Britney Higgs, founder and president. “Our hearts were broken for the issue of human trafficking and we knew once the veil was lifted, we could no longer turn a blind eye to this issue. In a dark and hurting world, we all have the opportunity and privilege to be carriers of light and support for survivors.” (Billings Lifestyle Magazine)

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A Day For HER

A Day For HER

Thrivent Financial and HER Campaign have partnered to craft a night for HER! Join us at the...

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