Make Room

Every woman deserves a chance

At HER Campaign, we believe that every woman deserves the chance to find her way back to the safety of a home. Our mission has always been to provide these brave survivors with the support and sanctuary they need to heal, recover, and prepare for a new life full of hope and possibility.

This Christmas, your generosity can help us bring this dream to life. With your support we can make room for the women in need with our safe homes, counseling, job training, and education. Your donation today makes room for healing, hope, and joy!

In her words…

“I’ve been so grateful for all the support and love I receive every day! Being here is what saved my life and the life of my beautiful baby girl.”

HER Refuge Resident

Help us Make a Difference

An urgent need

This Christmas, we are in URGENT need of $75,000 to provide Emergency and Transitional care for HER. We need your support today to ensure there is always room in our homes. Your gift, whether big or small, will make a tremendous difference. We can reach our goal if…


People Give


People Give


People Give


People Give


People Give

Let’s Stand Together

Making Room

This Christmas, let’s stand together for those no one wants to make room for! Just like on the Holy Night when there was no room for Jesus, we, too, can be the ones to say, “YES, We have room!”