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Volunteer Foundational Trainings

For anyone looking into volunteer opportunities in the HER Campaign

Direct Care Trainings

For anyone who has gone through a volunteer training and is hoping to work directly with survivors

Awareness Trainings

For businesses, organizations, or ministries to learn more about awareness and prevention

Youth Prevention Trainings

For schools or teams looking for education on prevention with youth

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“My first night here just two hours after going to bed and trying to fall asleep, I wanted to run. But when I sat up to get out of bed, I saw a reflection in the mirror of the sign above my bed. It said “Be Still.” I didn’t understand how I was supposed to be still in a still-less world but nevertheless I felt like that was the clue to stay put. I rolled back over and went to sleep. The next day, I was filled with constant doubt and fear but slowly I began to see this was a different place than all the others.”

— HER Refuge Resident & Human Trafficking Survivor

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Trainings & Events

Youth Leader Trauma-Informed Training Workshop

Youth Leader Trauma-Informed Training Workshop

In our culture today, junior high and high school students deal with more sexual trauma than most people realize. Many young people have had to deal with the terror of sexual exploitation and do not know how to even begin to heal from these experiences. It's an...

POUR IT OUT – Art Therapy Event

POUR IT OUT – Art Therapy Event

Huge thank you to everyone that came out to support our fundraiser for our partner program, LOGOS heART Therapy! It was an incredible night of breakthrough for the women that attended. Stay tuned for our next event in the fall 2019!

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