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The HER Refuge Housing Network is network of family run safe homes whose sole purpose is to create a World where every survivor has a family. Our goal is to place each survivor in a family unit to experience love in action and have a continued support system throughout their healing journey.

Through the HER Refuge Housing Network we also work with a nationwide network of agencies and partnered organizations to place local survivors in safe shelter programs throughout the country.

Our team of trained staff and volunteers aide throughout the recovery and restoration process meeting every survivor where she is at and helping HER step into help for her unique situation. 

God is a father to the fatherless, he
 places the lonely in families, and
 sets the captives free…

psalm 68:5-6

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The Impact

People Reached

Days of love and care

Nights of Safety

Her Story

Her Survival

I had never seen a room so beautiful and I couldn’t believe it was for me. It had a real bed, a dresser, and everything. I had been so used to other shelters where you sleep on a cot in a room with many people. When I got in the bed, I stayed there for 3 straight days, I didn’t realize how tired I was. After the 3rd day, I got up and we sat down and had breakfast as a family, something I had never been used to. I thank God every day for where He placed me.

I  thank God every day for where He placed me.

Goals of her refuge



Provide a loving, home-like environment for physical and emotional safety so that clear decisions can be made for a hopeful future.      



Provide consistency in relationship and structure so that participants can become more stable and increase their capabilities & competencies.  



Expose participants to opportunities to explore and grow in faith as well as nurture personal strengths, and skills that lead to purpose. 



Provide holistic methods for healing of the body, mind, soul, & spirit.

our process


A survivor is identified through our HOPE Line or partner agencies. We begin gathering information needed to facilitate an exit plan or resource for the survivor.


A survivor is referred to a HER Campaign advocate who evaluates unique needs based on a survivor’s trauma, experiences and current situation and finalizes a personalized exit plan.


After a personalized exit plan is established, our team seeks to place a survivor in a recovery program based on her unique needs.


The HER Refuge Safe Home Program seeks to provide a loving, home-like environment for physical and emotional safety so that clear decisions can be made for a hopeful future. This program is designed to help woman step into a life of independence. The services survivors receive include living in a loving family dynamic while having access to basic daily living skills, budgeting and finance, mentorship, group and individual therapy, fitness and healthy living, job training and education opportunities.

Welcome to our home

“Britney and Sammy helped me to dream again and to realize that my dreams can come true.”  

— HER Refuge Graduate



This online support group is birthed from the heart of the Her Campaign and healed survivors who want to bring you messages of hope, joy, healing, and freedom.

This is a safe place to be supported, find resources, and have relationship inside of healing for sexual exploitation survivors.

get in touch


Case mangers and safe home providers, please contact us at our business office at 406-598-5674 for safe home availability.

her campaign hope line

If you are being or have been exploited and are seeking help, please call our Hope Line at 844-765-HOPE.


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